Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Awesome of the Month

1) Acadia University, Nova Scotia - Dream school (which I only recently found out about. Originally, Dartmouth was my dream school, but to hell with that. I'm going to Canada.) Has an Earth Sciences department, whereas Darmouth is a Liberal Arts school where I would have gone if I wanted a totally useless degree in English.


Best commercial ever. Should by our global anthem. *waves Earth flag*

3)Frets on Fire - Addicting PC equivalent of Guitar Hero. Hard as hell even on Supereasy (and this coming from someone who plays violin) but tons of fun.

The poetry is going pretty much nowhere at the moment. My muse is nonexistent right now, plus I'm in contact with an awesome friend of mine who I love to co-write with (she disappeared for about 3 months. Woe.). So I will be a little busier this summer.

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The Flying Trilobite said...

That video is terrific. I need to stop lurking around here and add you to my blogrolls already. I hope you are having a great summer!