Tuesday, June 17, 2008

To the fundies...

If you don't want me to think you're stupid, then for the love of the whales, don't ask stupid questions. Really, the basic ones are fun at first, but they really start to get on your nerves - morals, hatred, Pascal's Wager, etc. And then there's the question of reason for living. Pfft. Like Christians have any reason for living beyond popping kids out, fearing going to hell for suicide, and annoying me. So. I've compiled a not-so-short list of why I live.
I live for knowledge
I live for experience
I live for the places
I live for the faces
I live for the mountains
I live for the glaciers
I live for the valleys
And earthquakes, what shakers.

I live for the whales
I live for the oceans
I live for the waves
And icebergs well frozen
I live for the cats
I live for the dogs
I live for the rats
I live for the hogs.

I live for ice cream
I live for love
I live for chocolate
(More so the above)
I live for family
I live for friends
I live for the sun
The moon its pretense.

I live to be big
And I live to be small
I live for the life
That we have in us all
I live for the sunset
And for the sunrise
I live for the things
I can see with my eyes.

So, you can see
My life is complete
Really it is - you can never compete
I strive to be great
But remember I'm small
Something we have to keep in mind
In the conscience of all
I have no great plan
I have no destiny
I have only the places
Where my dreams can take me.