Friday, July 11, 2008

Dammit. I need a....cracker?

So I finally caved and got a Twitter, which I'm really starting to regret because it's damn addicting. Plus I think it's hilarious how they use the word "follow." Was the cultish aspect of that an accident or deliberate? Oh well.

So I've been eagerly following the fallout of the Christ on a Cracker incident, and, for the most part, laughing my head off at it all. You know you're in really high times when people get death threats over cartoons and crackers. I'm tempted to attempt this kind of blasphemy myself - hey, it could be fun. Think of all the things one could do.....

In other news, I've been procrastinating on pretty much everything (it's summer, what do you expect?) and so I doubt that I'll be getting anything much done on The Darkened Face of Heaven until fall. I have a mound of homework to do, plus other stuff I actually volunteered to do, and, to top it all off, a wedding to go to. Which is going to be just dandy, because I'm going to feel so incredibly welcome in a church in east Texas while my sister goes willingly into holy slavery...I mean, matrimony. My opinion of marriage isn't high to begin with, and when you put religion into it it goes from "tolerated" to "abhorred" pretty quickly.

I also have to read Tom Sawyer and When the Legends Die, the latter of which will probably put me to sleep. I hate survival books. The only really good survival book I know is Hatchet, and The Call of the Wild in close second. All the others bored me to death. I just hope we don't have to read Narnia. The only thing worse than C.S. Lewis is C.S. Lewis trying to be imaginative and compelling. He would have been better off writing technical manuals.

Because my muse is nonexistent today, I present you with one of my inspirations for my book. This song is on Within Temptation's Heart of Everything CD, which is one of my favorite CDs ever. They are a lot like Nightwish, but without the Heavy Metal aspect for the most part.
Blinded to see the cruelty of the beast
It is the darker side of me
The veil of my dreams deceived all I have seen
Forgive me for what I have been
Forgive me my sins

Pray for me 'cause I have lost my faith in holy wars
Is paradise denied to me 'cause I can take no more?
Has darkness taken over me, consumed my mortal soul
All my virtues sacrificed, can Heaven be so cruel?
-The Truth Beneath the Rose by Within Temptation

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